Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Peace, love, respect, anarchy, liberation, revolution

I am not sorry for what I have done. All is fair in love and war.

I do not belong to any organisation that has hierarchy. I am not aware of any media person who is not compromised. Having said this, Kristen van Schie wrote a pretty good article about my situation for The Star in Joburg. I hope she maintains her journalistic integrity in this corrupt world. Graeme Hosken is one of the reasons why I lost faith in the media. I went to him with my experience of police corruption and intimidation. He did not report the truth. He tried to sell papers. When I e-mailed the Pretoria News about this injustice, I was ignored.

I don't believe anything that I read.

Thank you all for the love and support. I wouldn't be able to carry on if it weren't for all of you amazing people.

I have no spokesperson. My spokespeople are the friends I have made in my 23 years as a creature on this planet.

Peace, love, respect, anarchy, liberation, revolution, Deep Green Resistance


  1. Your stage was just a lot more public when you had your epiphany it seems. Maybe it's a good thing hey, it forces this to be a point of no return... unlike some people with silent epiphanies that dwindle the next morning! I hope you never regret what you did. What you lost was worth losing. What you'll gain required a step like this.

  2. Solidarity from Australia. You speak the truth. Never let the establishment bastards get you down.

  3. People can say how much they want about the appropriateness of your act - doesn't matter, it needed to be said, and you spoke the feelings and thoughts of many. (Read about in Swedish newspaper.)

  4. We need more of this, people speaking from their heart!!
    Thanks for the words about your enlightened feeling..... I know the feeling when you see that civilzation makes no sense, it hurts!!!

  5. I too am regarded as a loose cannon by the stifling powers that be. I always cheer the rebel. However, employed just since May and already you lose your cool, how can you achieve anything without patience? I didn't know of you before and assumed you had been fighting the good fight for years and then gave up in frustration. Then I see May 2011 till present on FB.

  6. lovely! Just listened to your message through youtube, and felt an immense joy that there are people like you who dare to speak their mind right out!
    (I too, just read about this in a swedish newspaper.)

  7. Quitting with style! Well done man.

    (You're big in Sweden)

  8. You have the entire South Africa's attention, and apparently Sweden too... what’s your next move? If you have any? Have you thought about "the way forward??”

    Has any organization tried recruiting you yet?

    What you did, LEGENDARY... I would not want to see that kind of exposure wasted. Seeing as you created a platform for yourself to voice your opinion & you now have some form of following and no doubt one that would grow, it would be nice to see you USE it.

    No... I'm no anarchist... Idealist yes... but no anarchist.

  9. Haha why U so funnny? XD Fuck fuck fuck ^^

  10. respect :-)
    I'm not really an anarchist but hey ...I respect your choice
    fuck racism indeed :-)

  11. Well done Mark and keep going. I realised too late how fucked up this world is you've got it all ahead of you. Never fucking compromise.

  12. Dude...
    Well done, and THANK YOU! You've got some big cahones there! I think that people needed to hear what you had to say. We're fed so much bulldust from the media, it seems the majority of the world have become either blind, numb or just plain dumb. Let's hope you've popped some bubbles of ignorance!

    Good luck, and all the best!


  13. You are too young to be an anarchist my friend!
    When you have ridden the roller coaster of adulthood, when you have spawned, educated and loved your own children...When you have come up against adversaries out to backstab and destroy you yet emerged the conqueror, when you have become a leader, one who will provide a source of inspiration and touched the lives of others, then and only then, may you begin to savour the rarified stratosphere of the anarchist. Good luck with your journey!

  14. @Exzanian

    Do not claim names and labels as your own for you have no right to dictate others use of them.
    Especially not one that in it's essence most would agree is in conflict to that kind of behavior.

  15. The newspaper ignored you because they're not interested in 2 bit old afrikaner wivestales of corruption. You're like a 16 year old whose just found out the world isn't fair. Grow up, get a life. I piss on the chip on your shoulder.

    You are part of a hierarchy whether you like it or not, you're currently a poor shit head, yea nice one. FUCK THIS BLOG WOOOO FUCK FUCK FUCK

  16. You seriously need to grow up. You rant like a child on a respected radio station about highly controversial people and issues then give out your blog (a product of capitalism) in a publicity stunt to gain attention.

    Your rant has no meaning other than fuck this or fuck that which shows your immaturity and poor upbringing. You have disgraced the journalistic field and your family. The world is not a fairy tale, deal with it - you have alot of growing up to do boy.

    Anarchist? Laughable, they have a proper name for that its called a bum, which is soon what you will be.

  17. You're a joke. People like you make me laugh.

  18. I must be honest, the only comments I agree with here are Ian's. Mark, you're clearly a passionate guy but at the end of the day, everything you're campaigning for is the product of a thought process your parents "slave wages" paid for, a thought process that ultimately collapses into self-parody anyway. There are lots of ways to campaign for change, but stomping your feet and swearing like a demented little golem is not one of them. I'm not suggesting you go and work in a cubicle, that's probably never going to happen anyway after the way you've acted,simply that you recognise the fact that you're acting like an ignorant arsehole, and in doing so encouraging other people to act that way too. You're not helping buddy, you're making it worse.

  19. Wow, you got your publicity, now try find another job you chop.

  20. open your hearts and minds guys? We hear about how incapable the people who how positions of authority in this country are every day. And the media puts it so far out of our reach, we feel useless. I know we aren't living in hell in this country, on the contrary we are the luckiest people in the world- i just feel there's so much more we could be doing if there wasn't so much meaningless crap distracting us.

    I really must agree though; fuck Julius Malema

  21. I doubt Monty Python could have invented a character such as yourself. It's a wonder you were tolerated at your station before your tepid outburst.

    Nevertheless, I'd like you to reconcile the terms you've used in your title - can anarchy be reconciled with peace? Can you overthrow a government with love? Can a revolution occur without casualties and violence?

    The least you could do, with a platform like the one you had, was come up with something a little more compelling than a Fuck-fuckidy-fuck-fuck.

    "Peace, love, respect, anarchy, liberation, revolution."

  22. First of all, Mark, anarchy should not be your main focus. Anarchy is not a sustainable way of life, yes our current way of life is really crap and yes it is time for change, not just in South Africa but also the whole world. We cannot go on like this for much longer but descending into anarchy is not a long-term solution. You've shown us that you are fed up with the way things are going and frankly I feel we are all fed up but you are very wrong in thinking that we are wild animals and are meant to live as such. We are not wild animals and civilization is a great idea, problem is we've never been civilized. This world and how we as people run it is not civilized at all. We are currently wild animals attempting to live according to a perverse interpretation of civilization.

    As stated before by another person, you have gained a lot of attention, now you have to use that attention wisely. Please for the love of all that is good, be smart, be wise and do not screw this up because you are in a extremely fortunate position right now. Your next move might very well determine the fate of many many people so do the right thing.

    Be the right man for the job and don't let your inflamed ego get the best of you.


    I with you broer.

  24. I love it. Every two bit news hack decides they're going to become an anarchist. All the really useless ones; the ones who don't have the talent to make people take notice nor the balls to go find the dangerous stories that will grip the world.

    My boy, you're a talentless no-hoper and the reason you've bought into the anarchist ideals is because you realize that with your lack of ability you have little hope for the future. Oh, and swearing on the radio; that's not bravery - that's a petulant child screaming for attention. Go to Somalia, do a story there; work in a war zone or a disaster area - see REAL human suffering as opposed to the tragedy of your XBox not working.

    In other words, grow up and stop your intellectual masturbation, it's never particularly appealing.

  25. Dude I salute you. It show how African and Europeans are being oppressed in this country, I for 1 share the same views as you. Fuck this wage slave graveyard shit.

    Viva Mark Viva...

    But would have been better is you aired your views @ RushHour


  27. Hey Mark! I respect what you did. Lets work on a way to find a solution to our problems. I implore you to read what I wrote yesterday. Leave a comment say what you think.
    Cheers man.

  28. Now you're going to have to get used to having to repeatedly explain what anarchism is, and how to go about it. Keep reading - Jensen, Zerzan, Goldman, Rocker, whoever gets your goat. Never seek power and always maintain faith in humanity.

    Peace, Justice, Anarchy.


  29. The most dangerous man, to any government, is the man who is able to think things out for himself without regard to the prevailing superstitions and taboos. Almost inevitably he comes to the conclusion that the government he lives under is dishonest, insane and intolerable, and so, if he is romantic, he tries to change it. And even if he is not romantic personally he is apt to spread discontent among those who are. - H.L. Mencken

    You don't have a peaceful revolution. You don't have a turn-the-other-cheek revolution. There's no such thing as a nonviolent revolution. Revolution is bloody. Revolution is hostile. Revolution knows no compromise. Revolution overturns and destroys everything that gets in its way. - Malcolm X

    Apartheid was overcome because people were nto afraid to speak their mind. they were angry and passionate about what they believed to be true. This is what Mark did, he was nto afraid to say what he feels to be true, while it may not be the way you would do it, at least he has the balls to use his freedom of speech. Of course there is a possibility that you agree with the way this country is going and support the way in which this country is going backwards, maybe you agree with they way that innocent people are killed by the police and that corruption is quite allright, you possibly even support the secrecy bill. The thing is that without people who are passionate and determined to make themselves heard, then where would we be now?

    The use of the word fuck may also cause your blood to boil and while there are better ways to make yourself heard, it definitely got you all talking, didnt it? that seems like a good start to me. Responding with like words, well you know that means, don't you!