Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Surprised and heartened by lack of support for Juju

Considering what white people have done to South Africa, it’s amazing that Julius Malema doesn’t have more supporters.

Before I continue, let me clarify that when I say “white people” I’m not referring to myself or the entire white race, I’m referring to the bastards who oppressed people based on the colour of their skin in apartheid South Africa.

These musings made me wonder: is a forgiving nature the hallmark of indigenous cultures around the world?

Take the Bushmen of the Kalahari for example. They were chased off their land because the government of Botswana allegedly wanted to mine diamonds there. If I were a Bushmen, I would probably be willing to buy an AK47 and shoot my way back onto my beautiful land before it gets raped by “progress” and “development”. Sure, the Bushmen have fought the government and won back some rights, but they don’t seem quite as pissed off as I would be.

Then you have the Jarawa - recently “contacted” hunter-gatherers in the Andaman Islands. The government there has now built a massive road through their ancestral homeland. I have seen videos of Jarawa being mocked and mistreated by Indian policeman. These scenes made me furious. Yet the Jarawa still have massive smiles on their faces and show no hatred towards these bastards.

Similarly, you very seldom hear of non-human animals getting truly aggressive over the daily ecocide that civilization is perpetrating on their habitats. A notable exception is an elephant I saw on video recently who went on the rampage in an Indian town, apparently in protest against the destruction of his home. I saw the elephant kick bikes over, trample things and apparently one human was killed. I’m sorry that someone had to die, but I understand the elephant’s outrage.

 Perhaps I’m not as enlightened as they are, but sometimes I think this forgiving tendency is detrimental to the rights of indigenous peoples. It would seem that capitalism, growth for the sake of growth, and increase in population of civilized humans due to totalitarian agriculture, will keep on raping indigenous cultures and the Earth until some people decide to fight back.

However, there’s a crucial difference between the Bushmen of the Kalahari and the black people of South Africa. Black people are now in control of the land in South Africa. Correction: a small handful of elite black people are now in control of the land. Many black South Africans are still living in appalling circumstances. However, this is still better than apartheid.

If you support Julius Malema’s racism, you are not much better than the white person who thinks her hatred of all black people is justified because her Grandfather’s farm in Zimbabwe was expropriated.

This tendency towards generalisations is sadly common. I therefore find it incredibly admirable that the majority of black South Africans are still so good to me.


  1. I personally believe in the spirit of ubuntu and if ALL people, black and white could acknowledge their humanity only being possible through the humanity of others then we might better understand the patience of the indigenous peoples of the world.

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  3. PLEASE NOTE: I realise that it’s risky to generalise about indigenous cultures as well. This is just a general trend that I have observed. I know that Native American Indians, for example, have taken up arms in defense of their land on occasion. Let me know if you can think of more examples. However, according to a documentary called END:CIV, there wasn’t much resistance to European invasion in the Americas initially. Perhaps it was only when these people realised that many of these Westerners suffered from what John Zerzan calls “the pathology of civilization” or separation sickness that they realised they the indigenous people would have to fight back and that civilized man could not be dissuaded from consuming what he considered “his resources”.

  4. Further note: I use the term "indigenous" in a very, very broad sense. In the context of the article, I refer to Black South Africans as indigenous Africans. I know about the theories that we all originated in Africa, but going this far in classification would only have complicated the article. When I say "civilized", I generally mean people who have adopted agriculture/domestication/a sedentary lifestyle. Anthroplogical/archaelogical studies show that groups of people who have adopted agriculture have more of a tendency towards violence.

  5. ..and therefore you have just admitted that the Bantu are not indigenous to this area, and are in fact 'civilised'.
    Which is to say-you have correctedt yourself, welldone.

    Black people are not indigenous here, anymore than White folks - which doesn't preclude us from loving the land base and opposing the Wetiko culture, just be careful with that 'Blacks are indigenous' rap.


    Terri in Joburg

  6. Yup, I hate the way that I publish a blog post and then start realising all the errors that I made in it lol. At least the "comments" section allows me to rectify the situation. I had heard that black/Bantu people were not indigenous to South Africa, but I thought that might have just been a white excuse for expropriating the land. And yes, Bantu people in Africa were civilised before whites arrived. Maybe the fact that Bantu people are civilised has something to do with the fact that the Botswana government has tried to chase the Bushmen from the Central Kalahari Game Reserve. Darn it, I hate civilisation so much.

    As always, thanks for the comments, Terri! Much appreciated. Hope you are well :)

  7. If you are still in denial about the insanity of civilisation visit www.endciv.com and watch the documentary online, free of charge.
    If, after, watching the documentary, you feel ready to take action that goes beyond recycling and buying "energy-efficient" light bulbs, check out www.deepgreenresistance.org . Peace and anarchy.

  8. Hey Mark, after all is said and done, the world will still be at war even if there was just one race and no poverty... There would be those who feel that there has to exclusion on the basis of some whack criteria... like eye color or hair length or feet length. It is sad. I was taught a term which i really like, COSMOPOLITAN, I prefer to think of myself as cosmopolitan while others would say I am black, colored, indigenous, ethnic, African or whatever politically correct term is used out there. I love my friends from all over the world regardless of their skin colour, religion, country of origin or language. Big ups to you