Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Walls Still Stand by Wolfi Landstreicher

I came across this great poem in Green Anarchy Magazine. I couldn't find a decent copy on the internet so decided to post it to my blog. Enjoy!

Sometimes it seems we could not be

stopped; we were crazy feral children,

our eyes ablaze with polymorphous lust.

Our intensity demanded eternity, an

unending flow.

There was no turning back. Reeling,

dizzy with joy on the edge of a cliff, our

lives so full of now, there was no


We flew burning through the night

finding toys with which to create the

wonders of our lives.

Bricolage symphonies, cacophonies,


Our madness was intentional, a

godless rite to break down the walls

and dams.

The moments of our lives seemed like

forevers so full of this life they had

We lost ourselves in flows of desire, in

wandering currents of sensation

stronger than the channels that would

keep them in constraints.

Our hearts pounded, we were wild-eyed

with our energy, flaming tornadoes

dancing zig-zag through heaving


Smashing the walls...

Smashing the walls...

Smashing... smashing... smashing the


But the walls still stand and I am tired...

Set me aflame once more.

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